Ring Sports United Recruit Training Boxing “Boot Camp”

Saturday the 28th 2017 from Noon to Two PM

A two hour long orientation seminar for those who want to become RSU Club Members but whose schedules allow for Saturday workouts only.   

Recruits will be “Built from the Ground Up” in Basic Boxing stance, Footwork, Head Movement and how to cooperate with other program members.     

Recruits will receive a free pair of hand wraps and be eligible for the “Saturday Only Three Month Punch Card Membership” afterwards. Note: Seminar will count as Orientation for any other Ring Sports Membership you may choose.  

Boxing Gloves will be provided the day of the seminar, but recruits will be required to purchase their own for use later.

Seminar Price $ 35.00 (Includes Free Hand Wraps)     

Pre Registration and Pre Payment is Mandatory

Phone Call or E Mail to be enrolled  

Three Months of Saturday Only Classes $ 130.00


Full Membership Options

Memberships are unlimited, therefore you can take all the classes you're eligible for and are encouraged to train at the club during “Open Gym” hours.  

The best thing you can do is come by and watch a class, tour the facility and get answers to any other questions you might have. The next step would be to schedule a boxing orientation that is required before attending Basic Boxing class.

 You may attend the Jiu-Jitsu classes immediately upon sign up (with purchase of “Gi” uniform).

There is a onetime registration fee of $75 which includes a lesson/orientation with an instructor. Our best deal is a one year membership for $100.00 paid monthly through auto debit, or paid in full with a 10% discount.  We have a 6 month membership for $105.00 and a 3 month membership for $110.00 paid monthly through auto debit or with paid in full you’ll receive a 10% discount. (All prices exclude tax).

*Registration and first month payment is required prior to orientation.

DISCOUNTS:    Half off registration when a buddy and or family member join at the same time. Second family member’s tuition is half off when the money is debited from the same account.

You will need 14oz to 16oz boxing gloves, hand wraps, and a jump rope for boxing classes. We have these items and other quality gear available for purchase if you choose.

If you’d like we can give you a phone call and answer any other more detailed questions you might have, just forward the best number to reach you at and we’ll give you a call back as soon as possible.